Multirotor | Li-Po Battery

Long flight times can be achieved by building drone specifically for use case such that there is as minimal dead weight as possible. Too many off-the-shelf drones are general purpose and made to carry a range of payloads thus flight time might not be optimised. Designing the drone from scratch also allow us to keep the drone compact while achieving good flight times.


With over 4 years experience building unmanned aircraft systems for professional operators, we have the knowledge and ability to offer enterprise level drone solutions. We avoid the one size fits all approach and recognize that many off the shelf consumer drones lack the ability to interface with cutting edge sensors, cameras or other emerging technologies as they enter the marketplace. To date we have incorporated lidar, multispectral, thermal, and other unique payloads into our aircraft and are able to provide consulting, engineering and manufacturing services to our customers.

Platform agnostic

We have worked with several airframe, motor, autopilot and ground station manufacturers over the years and understand the abilities and limitations of each component we choose for our aircraft. We are equally comfortable with DJI, Pixhawk and Ardupilot flight controllers as well as their mission planning software. This knowledge helps us to determine the correct path for building your application specific platform.