Multirotor | Li-Po Battery

Company Rovonize created the machine, which can fly up to 984 feet, compared to 100footheight that firefighter ladders can reach. The drone is fitted with a water hose and from a 2HP motor, EXTINGUISHER BOMBS! That are dropping on fired area, and is controlled by a pilot on the ground remotely. However, the drone does suffer from low battery life, providing only 30 minutes flight time from a 90-minute charge. It's still in development, but Rovonize hopes to use the machine for real-life operations soon. Drones (especially those with drone tethers and infrared cameras) can be extremely beneficial for firefighters. Thermal imaging from the aerial perspective allows Incident Command to see through smoke to direct streams to hot spots or direct and monitor Rescue team during entry. Real time video transmission reliable to the entire process.

Classic Approach v/s Rovonize Approach

SPEED Our drone is ready to fight the fire just after arrival.
SAFETY No manpower involved in direct “battle zone”.
REACHABILITY Our drone reaches unreachable places.

Rovonize firefighting drone is capable to overcome limits of traditional firefighting. It can quickly reach great heights and endure heat in close distance.

I hope it will be beneficial to services in fire force& rescue. Idea is of a fire extinguishing technique with the help of a drone. The drone having a range of 1km carries a fire extinguisher ball and this ball can be deployed from at the places where fire is caught and the drone is fitted with a water hose and from a 2HP motor provide fire avoidance through water. Fire Extinguisher Ball is light and portable which could extinguish the initial fire. It is made of the water-proof plastic shell and filled up with harmless environmental powder. Current developed prototype fire extinguisher drone can reach the places which cannot be accessed by humans with support of live video transmission. This will surely be a boon to fire and rescue services