Our Product

Hybrid Fixed-Wing VTOL Drone

An RC controlled fixed-wing drone with the ability of vertical take-off and landing, and automatic flying. Suitable for different missions and different payloads. Equipped with state of art features like Auto Return to Home, Parachute recovery system, and IRNNS-based navigation system. A GSM Based companion computer controls the drone, when we feed a GPS location to the computer, the drone automatically flies to the given coordinates and executes the mission pre-programmed in the computer. The powerplant comprises a combination of battery and Fuel Engine as the Energy source.

Suitable for border surveillance and long-distance Cargo delivery.


  • Configuration :V-TOL Fixed wing configuration with 4 BLDC motors for Lift and an EFI engine for thrust.
  • Max. all-up weight :30 kg
  • Payload Capacity :5Kg
  • Operating Range :300 Km
  • Endurance :6+ Hours
  • Ceiling :4000 m
  • Max Speed :120 kmph
  • Cruising Speed :80 kmph


    EO sensor specifications
  • Resolution: HD 1280×720px
  • Optical zoom: 45x
  • Digital zoom: 4x

  • IR sensor Specifications
  • Resolution: SD 640×512px
  • Digital zoom: 4x
  • Frame rate: 30 Hz / 9 Hz

Security Features

  • Anti-Reverse-engineering - Anti reverse engineering capabilities on the firmware level.
  • Secure Data storage - Encrypted Data storage and Data tampering protection.
  • Token based instruction -Token validation module to be added for the command and control module.
  • Secure Remote Communication - Secure Wireless and RF protocols.
  • Hardware Layer Security - Hardware tampering detection and call back home features.
  • Signed Firmware Update - Signed firmware and updates to be delivered to the end users.
  • Infrastructure security - Vulnerability assessment & Penetration testing along with Code Review.